Program Costs

What’s Included:

  • Accommodations and most meals while abroad during the Voyage phase of the program.
  • Placement at an organization of your choosing in a volunteer capacity while abroad.
  • Professional coaching by our program specialists throughout all phases of the program.
  • Accommodations and nine meals a week in San Francisco during the Launch phase.
  • Public transportation pass valid on SF Muni and BART.
  • 40 skill-building workshops.
  • Creation of a personalized learning plan and outcomes map.

  • Networking opportunities at events all over San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
  • Connections (including facilitation with a professional internship) to companies and organizations all over the world.
  • Lifetime access to our global network of mentors.
  • Permanent network of UnCollege fellows.
  • On-going access to financial advisement, career advisement, and college counseling.
Total Program Cost

(including room and board for Voyage and Launch)


Confirming Your Admission

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is submitted to hold your spot in the cohort of your choice. After the initial deposit is received you’ll work with our Voyage coordinator to register for your Voyage phase, and at that time second deposit of $1,750 is needed to process the travel logistics. The remaining balance is due in full (or payment plan arrangements must be in place) 90 days before the program begins.

Expenses not covered in the program fee:

  • Flights
  • Some meals during Launch
  • Spending money for incidentals

Living expenses during the Internship phase are also not included as they can be completed anywhere in the world. Most of our fellows, though, stay in San Francisco for Internship, and they’re welcome to remain with us in our dorm at an additional cost of $250 per week. Meals during Internship are on your own.

Coaching is continuous through all phases, supporting participants throughout the program.

Financial Assistance

Our fellows come from all types of socio-economic backgrounds, and we aim to ensure access for all of them. Consideration for financial assistance with our program costs starts with a conversation. Many of our applicants are U.S. residents who have already filed the FAFSA form as part of their college application process. If you’ve received the results of the FAFSA (known as the Student Aid Report), we’re happy to use it in our considerations for financial assistance. International applicants and those who did not file the FAFSA may submit a statement describing their financial circumstances. Submissions can be made at

UnCollege makes available the following assistance:

    • $1000 fellowship for applicants applying directly after completing a homeschool experience
    • Unspend Your Student Loans – $2750 to pay off (or pay down) your college student loans
    • Free Airfare – $1250 program credit; roughly equivalent to the cost of airfare for the Voyage phase
    • Venture Funding – small investments that UnCollege makes in individual fellows, reducing the overall cost of the program

For fellows who would benefit from a flexible payment plan, UnCollege works with Affirm to provide flexible terms in spreading the cost of the program out over multiple months or even years. Admitted applicants interested in a flexible payment plan should contact admissions directly. 

Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change, and if they do, we’ll always take care to notify our community as far in advance as possible. In the event you decide to discontinue the program after the Gap Year has begun, we’ll work closely with you to determine which portion of the program fee, if any, is refundable.