Gap Year

UnCollege Gap Year

Take control of your education.

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Gap Year is broken down into three phases:

The core principle of UnCollege is that people should be empowered to take control of their own choices for education. The experience-based program we’ve created teaches young adults the practical skills they need to succeed today through a blended approach of self-directed learning, accountability training, mentorship, and bounded risk-taking. This method, called Supported Self-Directed Learning, equips participants with the cognitive skills, confidence, and professional aptitudes they can utilize in all future endeavors.

What Are the Advantages of a Gap Year?

Fellows who participate in our program walk away with:
  • An unforgettable international immersion experience.
  • A new set of skills relevant in today’s job market.
  • Professional work experience.
  • An impressive portfolio of work.
  • A healthy professional network and group of mentors.

Fellows who have participated in our program have gone on to:
  • Launch their own businesses.
  • Secure full-time jobs at exciting, innovative companies.
  • Attend and receive amazing financial aid packages from universities.

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